How To Easily Beat The Monday Morning Blues

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Written By NewtonPatterson

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Understand The Situation

If you feel as though you are always feeling down, you must understand the reason behind it. Start by jotting down some of the most common things that turn your mood negative. Look at the emotions you are feeling and what in particular is stressing you out. Is it due to a individual in your life or perhaps the current job you are holding? Regardless of the situation, take a deep dive into the situation. While it may be uncomfortable, it is going to help you realize the core situation to your mood. You are going to be able to understand if this is a situation you can solve on your own or find help, talking therapy for depression can help.


It is always possible that you have way too many things on your plate. That in itself can be a very overwhelming and stressful situation. Instead of allowing work and projects to pile up, you want to clear your list before the weekend. This in itself is going to take a lot of stress off coming into work on Monday knowing you already have a full load of work. However, if it is impossible to clear out all projects, you need to learn what is a priority. This is going to help you from becoming overwhelmed and allow you to juggle your time better. Additionally, it is always wise to plan for your next week on a Friday afternoon. An example of this would be knowing about a presentation you will have the following week. This is a large and important project and one that you already know is going to be stressful. With that in mind, you will want to clear out some time on Friday and begin prepping for it. This is going to allow you to come in on Monday and already have a game plan in motion as well as the opportunity to look at it again with fresh eyes. You will now not feel that same level of stress and depression about the project but be able to tackle it and hit a home run at work!

Don’t Forget About Fun

When you check your emails even on weekends instead of resting and relaxing, it is more likely that you will feel burned out. This could be why Mondays are so dreadfully boring for people who work during the week as well! So this coming weekend maybe try unplugging from life a little bit to focus solely on yourself while doing something fun like spending time with friends or family-or just going outdoors which has been proven by research studies over past decades now demonstrate enjoying hobbies can help prevent some mental illnesses too.

No Late Nights

Go to bed early on Sunday. When you sleep in, the next morning will be filled with energy and rejuvenation! You may argue that weekends are for fun time because they often entail an absence from work obligations but if we don’t get enough rest before starting our Monday routines then chances are only feeling stressed or exhausted while performing at full capacity– which can hamper productivity as well

What better way is there than going straight home after last call? That’s right – no parties needed (or wanted) here; just getting some much-needed shut eye so when your alarm clock goes off this coming Monday morning without any rings interrupting those deep breaths through pursed lips!


A great way to start the week is by practicing positivity. When you wake up on Monday, it’s important that your first thoughts are with gratitude and appreciation for what has gone well in recent days or weeks before moving onto any negativity about how much work there may be ahead of us all this time around! It can help cultivate good vibes if we take some initiative during our mornings too; minimizing negative thinking habits like scrolling through social media feeds filled only with complaints from friends who also have smartphones at bedside while trying not get caught up reading news articles either overstimulating ones containing stressors such as high blood pressure . Sometimes just following healthy living recommendations will make people feel better without having to visit a physician.

Don’t Live For The Weekends

If your life revolves around what you do on weekends, then the chances are even higher that Mondays will be bluesy. A lot can happen in just one day! The bright side? We have other opportunities to plan out our personal activities – after work try listening to some music or watching your favorite film/TV show for an hour (or however long works best). Don’t wait until Friday or Saturday only because there’s no time during these times which allow us peace and relaxation when we need it most…Planning ahead prevents stress from taking over completely.