Night lights for kids that help them fall asleep

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Parents of young children will crave sleep. The personalised night light can quickly become a child’s best friend (and a parent’s too), helping to combat sleeplessness, fear of the dark, and taking a trip to the loo at midnight.

Before you buy a nightlight for your child’s nursery or bedroom, here are some things to remember.

First, is it child-friendly? Can they use the light independently? It is portable or must it be connected to the mains in order to work? You will have more freedom when you travel or spend weekends with grandparents if you choose to use portable options.

Moonie rabbit wearing a light

Moonie, a Polish company that makes baby products, isn’t always practical and pretty. But this is the Polish brand’s mission. Moonie is a family-owned business that focuses on beautiful, simple, and well-designed toys and sleep aids. The adorable rabbit is soft and incredibly cute. It’s not the most affordable, but it does offer a lot. We love the fact that the ears can be used to attach to a stroller or cot. It takes approximately 3 hours to fully charge using the USB cable, which gives you around 9 hours of work time.

Moonie is a gentle, soothing lullaby that will help soothe a child or baby who are having trouble sleeping. There are seven soothing colours and five soothing pink and white noise sounds that mimic heartbeats, wind and steady rain. Plus, there are more traditional lullabies. It is extremely easy to use. To turn it on, squeeze his back and double-press to play the sound library. Hold down to adjust the volume. All of these can be done without taking out the unit.

Tommee Tippee penguin 2-in-1 night light portable by Tommee Tippee

The night light by Tommee Tippee has been a game changer. The main penguin nightlight is powered by a USB cable. It doesn’t include an adaptor. This product was designed to be a nursery light that can be used to check on your baby when they are in their own rooms. Once they reach 18 months, the portable egg light can be used independently.

It’s tactile and soft to the touch. Our two-year-old test subject loved holding it. Both lights can be dimmed. The penguin’s back has a dimmer switch, while the egg’s top has a button that allows you to choose from three brightness levels. The egg will last for 10 hours once it is fully charged, which takes 8 hours. However, we found that it was much longer than this.

Night light at Liewood Winston

It would be a great idea to have this cute panda watching over their children at night. The eco-friendly Nordic brand Liewood is well-known. This is evident in the rechargeable nightlight that eliminates the need for batteries. The included USB charging lead will charge the little guy for three hours before you can use it. This will give you an impressive 12 hours of soft light, enough to get you through the night. Our three-year old tester loved using the soft silicone to move it around her bedroom.

Infantino projector and soothing light

This infant brand kit is really neat. It’s small and affordable, but it’s packed with great features. It can be used in three different ways: first as a crib soothing lamp, then as a projector for the crib and finally as a table-top evening lamp.

Two straps are provided to attach to a crib. However, this will only work if the cot has bars. We used a bedside crib that we were able to place as close to the bars as possible. Traditional cots have this feature easily. The smart sound sensor is the highlight of the Smart Light Sensor. When a child cries, the nightlight will automatically turn on, saving you from having to get out of bed.

Mamas & Papas nightlight and elephant shelves

This product is perfect for anyone who is in the midst of decorating a nursery and needs a multifunctional product. This adorable elephant design can be used to make a wall display and will look great in any nursery. The box contains a large and a medium-sized elephant shelf as well as a balloon light that pulls a small elephant. The light emits a soothing glow and is powered with 3 AAA batteries.

This wall light is easy to put up even for those who are not interested in DIY. The night light is currently out of stock but you can order it now for delivery in December.

The teddy is so soft that we wanted to cuddle up with it, but we had to take it out from the hands of our toddler tester. The removable light panel is located in the furry tummy and provides a gentle glow and lots of comfort. Our tester was able to turn it on and off independently.

We love the auto-off feature, which turns the light off after just 20 minutes. This is the standout feature. The battery life was impressive, lasting approximately 16 hours. This was enough to last us for two weeks of testing. The USB cable is included and takes approximately 4 hours to recharge. We love that it is soft and cozy.