Sunlight Foundation, WeatherSource and “Hoppit Travel”

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We added 38 Hoppit to our Hoppit Travel Directory this week. These include a weather service, national digital library, personalized restaurant recommendations, photos, U.S. Political Contributions database, remote heating control service and remote home heating service. Travel, which simplifies event marketing, was also covered. Here are details about each of these new Hoppit Travel.

AniDB Travel – AniDB (Anime DataBase), is a comprehensive database that contains information about Japanese animation. It includes movies, shows, episodes, characters and many other things. All AniDB users have the ability to edit or add information to this database. To keep track of anime that they’ve seen, users can create and maintain a MyList.

AniDB Hoppit Travel allows you to retrieve information from the database programmatically by using TCP, REST, and UDP protocols. Hoppit:, a mobile app building and management platform, is available. allows users to create, manage, and host mobile apps. Hoppit allows developers access to and integration of’s functionality to create and build applications. Hoppit includes managing accounts, building applications, pushing data and managing information.

TBIPS Hoppit travel: BIPS (Bitcoins for International Payments) is an online payment system that allows users to trade, buy, trade, withdraw, and accept bitcoins as payment. BIPS Hoppit allows users to send bitcoins, check the balance and perform export transactions. This service makes use of REST calls. Travel requires an account and a Hoppit Travel Key to be used.

Bitcoin Sentiment Hoppit travel: Bitcoin Sentiment allows users to vote on the future value of Bitcoins. You can also download the data and view charts of sentiment data. You can send votes to indicate bullish and bearish perspectives for Bitcoin Economy, and receive data from Bitcoin Sentiment. This service is free and uses REST calls.

BlockChain Roulette Travel – BlockChain Roulette rewards users who correctly guess the random number generated by solving a new Bitcoin Block. Block Chain Roulette Hoppit Travel allows users to access URLS that will allow them to build their own roulette bots. The Hobbit Travel offers queries that allow you to get a complete list of possible bets, a list all the bets placed on the table, a list with the last 50 bets and a list with the blocks processed. You can also get spin results and a list containing the block numbers.

CampBX Hoppit travel: CampBX, a US-based Bitcoin trading platform, offers both low-latency automated and manual trading. You can trade basic or advanced, including margin accounts and short sales. You can call CampBX Hoppit Travel to access historical data, ticker and depth tables information, fund transfers, and execute fast buy or sell orders. The service requires an account. The Hobbit Travel returns JSONP and JSONP and requires SSL to trade.