Three types of “toe taps exercise”

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Toe taps exercise are a common part of many fitness programs. They can be found in boot camp style classes or as a conditioning exercise for many sports.

Toe taps, like many terms in the fitness industry, can refer to several exercises that are very different from one another. Toe taps could refer to the movement you do during a Pilates sequence, or in an abdominal workout.

All toe taps have one thing in common: core muscles are used to complete the movement.

Standing toe taps exercise

In general, standing toe taps are performed during warmups, conditioning drills in sports like soccer, between sets of weight lifting, or as part of a cardio class.

This exercise can be used to increase your heart rate, target your lower body muscles, burn calories, improve speed, balance, foot-handling, and other benefits.

To properly perform a standing tap, you need strong muscles in your core, glutes and hip flexors.

You can pump your arms while tapping depending on how intense you want. This forces your upper body to work harder and makes your core muscles more active.

Cardio-based moves can increase heart rate and intensity.

Basic Standing Toe Taps Exercises

This toe tap can be used by all levels of fitness. A plyometric box or Bosu ball, a bottom stair in a staircase or any other stable structure about 10-12 inches high that won’t move are all you will need.

Place your feet on a box 

Place one foot on top of the platform. Your ball will touch the box or ball. Your other foot will be planted on the ground and your arms at your sides.

Start the exercise by pushing off with the planted foot and lifting it onto the platform. Then, bring the lead foot back down to the ground. This will take place mid-air.

Place the lead foot on the ground, and the edge of your planted foot on platform.

For the desired amount of time, continue to alternate your feet without stopping. It will feel almost like running up stairs. Standing toe taps exercise can be done for between 30 and 60 seconds. You can rest for between 15 and 30 seconds, then repeat the process for up to three sets.