Top 12 Best Pokemon Toys for Kids

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For twenty years, Pokemon has attracted little pocket monsters to the world. There are many cute monsters that both children and adults have fallen for. Although they started as a video game, you can now find many unique toys that bring the franchise to life.

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1. TOMY Pokemon My Friend Pikachu

You can become Pikachu’s trainer with all the cute My Buddy Pikachu plush! My Buddy Pikachu talks and laughs! Pikachu measures 10 inches tall and has a soft yellow fabric that is easy to cuddle. Pikachu’s cheeks are bright red and light up with 10 fun sounds and phrases! To make Pikachu’s ears move, press its belly. Its cheeks will lighten up and then you can listen to one Pikachu’s favorite phrases! This is suitable for children 3 years old and older.

2. Funko Pop! Games: Pokemon – Bulbasaur

Bulbasaur from Pokemon, stylized as pop! Vinyl from Pokemon! Figure measures 3.75 inches tall and comes in a window display case. Get all the Pokemon items at Funko!

3. Itazura New Pokemon Go inspired Electronic Coin Money Piggy Bank Box

SHINE, a Japanese producer, decides to increase the number of Pikachu, the Pokemon show’s most beloved mascot, to make it even cuter!

If you place a coin on his Pokebox house miniature, you will notice piika pika Pika Pika Pikachu if the shiny new coin you only gave him is chosen!

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4. Pokemon Petite Pals Escape in the Forest Playset

It’s time to go on a vacation with your friends. Serena takes a few Pokemon with her to a getaway in the woods because everyday life can get exhausting. This set includes the unique Serena 3′ articulated figure. These are the most iconic Pokemon you have ever seen!

Is there something that seems different? Obviously! These unique and stylized figurines are full of cuteness, so they are bound to delight! Mini suction cups are included in all accessories and figures, making play fun and customizable. You only need a few figures. Big adventures. Find the perfect tree home location and get your Pokemon to learn about the wild. You can decorate, embellish, or set up the space however you like.

Enjoy a peaceful time on the swing and then send your bags upstairs with the manual lift. Everything is ready for the Pokemon to enjoy a peaceful moment. It includes Serena and Pikachu, Oshawott and Fennekin, as well as 20 accessories bits, and a tree house playset.

5. Mega Construx Pokemon Mew Vs. Mewtwo Clash

You can create the Ability of the legendary psychic competition with Mewtwo and Mewtwo. Once you have created a conflict between Mewtwo and Mewtwo, both legendary and mythical Pokemon will be in competition! Start with a 2-inch Mew and finish it with articulated arms, legs, tail, and legs. Next, construct a poseable Mewtwo measuring 6.5 inches and unleash a more Psychic-type attack using all of the battle influence detail. Sit Mew in the transparent sphere to defend. Set the stage for new conflicts by displaying your Pokemon in different poses. This is a great activity for children 8 years old and older.

  1. Pokemon TCG: Sun & Moon team up, Relentless Flame 60 Card Theme Deck Featuring a Promo Charizard

Flaming Fires Roar and Flames Dance! Charizard’s relentless fires will ignite it! This deck is hot! Keep consuming enough Fire Energy from Charizard to create an unstoppable Continuous Blaze Ball. All the Relentless Flame subject cards will make you shine brightly and keep your deck burning straight! This box contains: 60 Pokemon cards deck1 card checklist1 metal coin2-player playmat1 rulesheet1 code card1 deck box1 Quick guide to unlock the exact ways within damage counters

7. Pokemon TCG: Premium Trainers’ XY Collection

The Premium Trainer’s collection’s XY Collection is a paradise for participants, featuring over 12 full-art promo cards and a fantastic meeting of accessories. The Premium Trainer’s XY Collection is a great upgrade to any collection. It includes strong, tournament-worthy Pokemon EX and Trainer cards as well as a metal Pikachu Coin and booster packs from the XY Series.

8. Mega Construx Pokemon Multipack

You can build, train and fight with five legendary Pokemon characters! A Pokemon Trainer must choose carefully in each conflict. This multi-figure package contains 5 Pokemon that you can construct and battle with. This exclusive collection includes a variety of well-known Pokemon, including Teddiursa and Mankey, Sneasel, Oddish and a special Pikachu that you won’t find anywhere else. Each character comes with a Poke Ball, which has a high-quality top and inside. This set is suitable for children 6 years and older.

9. PoKeMoN Mimikyu Plush Stuffed Animal Toy – 8”

This adorable and cuddly Pokemon Mimikyu plush stuffed animal is a must have for Pokemon fans! This plush figure is super easy to carry everywhere! Mimikyu’s luxurious toy is inspired by Pokemon anime, trading card, and Let’s Move! Also compatible with Nintendo videogame series! This makes a great gift for Pokemon lovers – Your favorite Pokemon character is waiting for you! Wicked Cool Toys has officially certified this Pokemon product. Polyester. Steps: From the top of the ear to 10”. Ages: 2+

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10. Good Smile Pokemon Figure

From Good Smile. The most important character in this Pokemon Fire Red or Leaf Green game, the legendary Pokemon trainer “Red”, is now joining the figma library! You can create a variety of scenes with the figma joints, which are flexible and easy to use. Flexible plastic is used at certain places to allow proportions to be stored without compromising their posability.

He has a normal faceplate with a positive expression and shouting for combat scenes. All the original partner Pokemon, including Bulbasaur Charmander, Charmander, and Squirtle are included in the figma. For various poses, a backpack and a Poke Ball are also included. A figma rack with articulated arms is also included. This allows for various gifts to be purchased.

11. S. H. Figuarts Pokemon Rocket Group

Bandai celebrates the 20th anniversary of “Pokemon”, an anime series that focuses on Team Rocket. Bandai also has an S.H.Figuarts collection featuring this legendary Team Rocket trio — Jessie (that’s correct)! Each Jessie and James activity figure measures approximately 14 cm tall. They also come with an optional saying and hands (like one to James so he could hold his rose). Meowth has an optional expression that allows you to display them all together in the same fear-inducing “Team Rocket is blasting away” scenes. Also included is a display stand.

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12. Pokemon 12 Inch Scale Articulated Action Figurine – Legendary Solgaleo

Solgaleo’s entire body emits a glowing light that could erase the darkness. The famous Pokemon makes its home on a different planet and returns to that place if it gets its third eye active.