Five Reasons to work with a “Parenting Coordinator”

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Co-parenting is often about making decisions together regarding your children. This could include big decisions like where your children will attend school. It can also be more everyday things, such as whether they will bring lunch to school or buy lunch. If these decisions lead to conflict and you are unable to resolve them, a parenting coordinator might be able help.

What do Parenting Coordinator do?

The role of a coordinator is a specially trained professional whose job is to help co-parents manage their parenting plans, improve communication, and settle disputes. A parenting coordinator’s role will depend on the needs of each family member and what the court may require.

A parenting coordinator can monitor parents’ compliance with their parenting agreements, offer suggestions and education on how to solve problems, or even make individual parenting decisions for parents based upon what the court allows. While a parenting may work with co-parents, the main focus of their work remains to protect the best interests and encourage parents to do the same.

You may wonder if it is best for you to work with a parenting coordinator as a co-parent. Consider these reasons why a coordinator might be a good idea for you if you have a lot of conflict with your parents and can’t resolve them.

It is more common to spend less time in courtrooms.

Your parenting coordinator will be there to guide you or make decisions for you when you are unable to reach one. This will reduce the amount of time you spend arguing with your parent.

You are less likely to return to court if there is less conflict. This will allow you to save money and not have to pay more for legal fees.

This may reduce stress for you and your children.

For those involved in conflict or surrounded by it, it can cause a lot of emotional pain. Even if you aren’t arguing with your children, the tension that they feel can be very damaging.

By educating you on how to quickly resolve conflict, a parenting coordinator can help you stop fighting. You will feel better about having stopped fighting, but your children will be happier if there is more peace in their homes.

You may find that your children are able to communicate and solve problems better.

Children’s role models are parents. Their children will notice if their parents can communicate well and work together to reach mutual goals. They might even learn some positive communication skills that they can put to good use.