Which Baby monitors are not recommended for purchase

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Which? Baby monitors are not recommended for purchase

Baby monitors can cut out, blur the picture, have poor battery life or be hacked. You should steer clear of poor quality baby monitors.

It’s important to know that your baby monitor is helping you monitor your baby, from the moment it arrives in its box. You don’t have to be disappointed by baby monitors.

We test every brand, from BT to Motorola, and all types of baby monitors.

These models, which we shamefully call Don’t Buys, have so poor picture quality that it’s impossible to see your baby’s face on the screen. They could lose their battery life halfway through a nap. The signal strength is barely strong enough to be used in a bed-side setting.

What is a Don’t Buy baby monitor?

These are some of the issues we discovered with baby monitors during our testing:

Although baby monitors may claim that they will continue to work up to 100 meters, when we measured range in a more real situation, we found that some models stopped working after 16 metres.

Monitors with batteries that last as short as two hours may have a problem. This could lead to constant searching for the charger.

Parents today should be worried about their baby monitor being hacked. We reviewed a wifi-enabled baby monitor. This allows you to enter just one character as your password. Hackers could possibly hijack your account if it is insecure.

Promos and sales can make a bad baby monitor seem like a bargain. You can still get a great monitor even if your budget isn’t very large.

We have found cheap baby monitors that cost around PS20-30. These are great for signal quality and easy use.

How do we test baby monitors?

Our tests put baby monitors through their paces faster than any other competitor.

We examine everything, including video and sound quality, as well as whether or not a smart monitor can be hacked.

Because of our extensive testing, we are able to confidently recommend baby monitors that will provide you with peace of mind. We also highlight models to avoid.

Our baby monitor experts have tested each monitor for ease-of-use and set up.

We test sound and picture quality as well as range and battery life to make sure you are able to keep an eye on your child on the move, for longer periods of time.

We conduct an industry-leading assessment for smart models to assess how effective the monitor is at repelling hacking attacks.

You can trust baby monitor reviews

Which? The Best Buy baby monitors can be used easily, have a long battery life, and provide crystal clear sound and/or images. The best baby monitors.

We don’t accept any freebies or product manufacturer samples.

We test all products before we buy them.