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Even if a divorce is contentious it’s in both the best interests of the parties to come up with a well-crafted parenting program. A parenting plan is a blueprint for how the family will be able to move forward. Parenting Plan Examples, which are often detailed and include issues related to physical and legal custody, are not surprising. However, parents can create a plan to help them work through important parenting issues and resolve disagreements quickly. This could prevent conflict later on.


All custody cases in Georgia require the court to approve parenting plans. These plans cover details relating to both the physical custody and legal custody of the child. A Cobb County parenting plan or Fulton County parenting plans example can help you get an idea of the scope of what is required.

The plan that outlines where the child will be at any given time throughout the year is called physical custody. It includes the weekday/weekend schedule but also covers holidays, school breaks and special days like the child’s birthday. These are some of the most common custody arrangements in parenting plans:

Alternating weekend schedule (sometimes with a midweek evening visit).

Alternating two-week schedules or an alternate schedule of weeks

Every weekend schedule

The 2-2-3, 5-2, and any other variation that divides weekdays between parents

Parents should consider their child’s age when Parenting Plan Examples the best routine. Children younger than 10 years old may struggle to move between homes. Older children may need to consider more complex school and extracurricular schedules. It is important for parents and children to establish a routine as soon as possible.

Legal custody is the overall decision-making process regarding the child’s education, health, and religious life. Parents typically share joint legal custody, and work together. However, a parenting plan names a final decision-maker for each category.


Each family is unique, so following a standard form will not always work. It is important to consult a child custody lawyer who understands the importance and benefits of a solid parenting plan.

We have years of experience in creating plans for families of all kinds, including:

Military families: When determining visitation times, military families must consider deployment and mobilisation. You can create creative plans that include visitation for the deployed parent during leave, phone communication or substitution visitation.

Family with long distance: If the parents live far apart, their visitation schedule must include transportation arrangements, such as which airport the Parenting Plan Examples child will fly from or how they will split the driving costs.