Parenting Bible Verse: What are You Missing?

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You take on a unique role when you become a parent. It doesn’t matter if you have been a babysitter or big sister. Being a parent is a different experience. You’re here because you want to find out what the parenting bible verse says about parenting. Below are bible verses on parenting and deeper truths about the role.

You probably didn’t spend much time looking at the Bible through this lens before you had children or thought of having them. Maybe you were a parent before becoming a Christian, and are wondering how your new faith will impact your parenting bible verse role. I hope you enjoy this exploration together and learn more about what the Bible says about parents’ roles and responsibilities.

Remember that verses that relate to parenting may not always be obvious. It doesn’t matter if a verse doesn’t mention “mothers” or “fathers …”, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it doesn’t apply. You can play many roles as a parent: teacher, counselor or mentor.

The Role Of Parenting Bible Verse

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The answer will vary depending on where you live. A culture’s perception of what a child is, needs and can do often defines the role of a parent. Children have been treated differently by cultures and laws across the globe and throughout history. Some treat them like animals or property while others view them as short adults.

There are many parental styles in today’s culture. These parents may be known by their nicknames, such as the helicopter dad, the tiger mom, or free-range dad. Each parenting style has a core belief system about children’s needs, nature and abilities. Our beliefs about children influence our parenting roles. This means that Christians must look to the Bible to understand their role.

The Bible has some words of wisdom 

A parent’s biblical role is to be a good steward for the children God has given them. Parents are responsible for their children’s spiritual, emotional and physical well-being. Teaching your children about Jesus is the most important biblical duty a parent has.

The bible contains God’s Word, which helps us to understand ourselves, God, and the relationship between God, humanity. Our history, souls and nature are exposed in shocking and sometimes uncomfortable ways. You can lead your children by teaching God’s word and being a good example.