Here are some examples and ideas for video scavenger hunts

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After you have the basics covered, let’s get to the fun part: creating your hunt.

Video is interactive and more engaging than simply scanning a QR code or checking off items on a checklist. It is also a great way to get to know other people and their personalities. offers a variety of entertainment exit spiel services which can be downloaded direct to host fun events, kids’ birthday parties, as well as happy gatherings.

These are just a few examples of ideas that can inspire you to go on a hunt. Or, you could use them all.

Some are intended for general use while others are more geared towards employee engagement or tourism. We wanted to provide inspiration for all, so we tried to include a bit of everything.

Make a video of what you do first thing when you wake up. This kind of video is great for remote team building.

Take a video of the oldest landmark in your city. You can even do it as a cartoon voice.

For foreign scavenger hunts, take a video of someone speaking their native/local language.

Copy a viral video. To complete the task, submit your version. They can also copy the video from your submission.

Your video camera can be used to capture what you see on your screen or desk. It can be shared with the group.

Instead of recording a video, ask everyone to share the most funny video they have on their phones at the moment.

Use a GPS to guide people to a particular location. Then, have them log their arrival as if they were just discovering it.

Pandemic tours: Take people on a “tour” of their pandemic lives. They can show you their toilet paper stash, their quarantine comfortable clothes, or their everyday life in 2020.

Make riddles for people to solve in order to film a particular item or situation. Next, ask them to film the situation and submit it for points.

Charades: Provide a scenario for people to act out, without the need to use words. To make it fair, set a time limit and record what the participants do.

Video can be used to allow people to create their own promo or company tour. This is a great way to engage employees and gauge their satisfaction.

Ask people to choose their favorite TikTok video or gif and have them recreate it in their own way. If you wish to give the best look-alike, you can have them copy it.

You can take a video of your family and share it with the group (again, great for remote team engagement).

  • Take a video of a group ducks talking and capture it on film.
  • Find a stranger to do push-ups with and record it.
  • Film the reactions of the crowd to a scene from your favorite movie.

Record the reaction of a stranger to a song and sing it. If you find others who are open to the idea, this can be a lot of fun.

You can visit a landmark or popular spot and recreate an event that occurred there (a historic battle, speech, etc. ).

You can pretend to host a talk-show and interview strangers in the street.

Make a video promoting your job, making it look like people would want it. Share it with the group.

Make a group song-along with the team and record it. Pick a song and let the team pick it. Or, have them create a new one. Keep it going as long as they can.

It’s a great idea to record a secret video of your opponent team if you are playing in groups. The first team to complete the task successfully wins.

Take a video of people reading the first page of an employee manual. This can be used as a TV announcer.

Ask your children to interview you and then share the information with the team or group. This is a great way to get to know your team members and their families.

Allow your children to create a short video that they can share with the group.

What to do on a Video Scavenger Hunt

Split all party participants into two or more teams.

• Create a list with tasks that each team can work on together, some of which may be silly or even funny.

• Make sure that each team has a means to capture video (with a fully charged battery, lol).

Each team should have a flashlight, and be instructed to record in the light. It is difficult to see what you are doing when it is dark.

You can set a time limit so that everyone doesn’t have to wait for you to return.

After you have gathered your clues, your video equipment and your teams, each team sets off in their own cars with a driver responsible and tries to complete the tasks as quickly as possible. The winner is the team that completes all tasks without cheating. You all can watch the videos when you return to the party.