Here are some tips to find more joy in motherhood

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It’s clear that moms love their kids. The love we have for our children is unending. It’s easy to forget the joy of being mother. This is especially true when we are so busy with running errands and cleaning up after our children. These are some tips that helped me find more joy as a mother.

How to find more joy in motherhood?

Take a step back

Take a step back, and observe. You don’t have to clean; you don’t have to manage everything. Stop looking at the calendar and focusing on all the activities. Pay attention to how your children speak to one another; listen to what they do when they play pretend. You’ll be amazed at how close they are to becoming adults. Even if you only have five minutes, slow down and enjoy it.

Take a Chance

It is true that “absence makes the heart grow fonder”. You can take a day, an hour, a weekend, or more if you want. It’s important for our mental health, but it will also bring joy to our hearts when we see our child again. We were invited to a Miami wedding by our husband, but we decided to leave our son behind. Although I had a great time, a part in my heart felt empty until I saw my son again just a few days later. As I go about my daily life, I forget how special he truly is and how fortunate I am to be his mom. It was a trip that reminded me of this!

Keep this in mind

It’s easy to forget what motivated you to have children. Think back to the first time you held your child. Think about how it feels when your baby wraps his arms around you and tells you that they love you. Take a look at the photos and just remember.


Play with your children but not just. You should play like a child. This means that you can climb the jungle gym, swing from the monkey bars, and even though it hurts your hands. You’ll remember the time you had having fun and playing with your child for the rest your lives.

Live in the Moment

When you are with your children, it is important to be present and not dwell on the future. Without resentment or with all your heart, try to enjoy the absurdities of your day without feeling guilty.

Be grateful

You can practice gratitude every day for the things you do with your son.


You and your child are to practice quiet time. Your child is not allowed use you as entertainment and you are restricted to just sitting down and enjoying some quiet. It may be called the “Quiet Game”, depending on how old your child is, but whatever works!