After the birth of your baby

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Canada’s Government offers programs and services that will help you to welcome your baby.

Parental and maternity benefits

  • Employment Insurance (EI), which provides parental and maternity benefits, is available to:
  • People who have just given birth or are pregnant and cannot work.
  • Parents who have to be away from work in order to care for their newborn child or adoptive child

Online applications for parental and maternity benefits are possible anywhere you have an internet connection, even at a Service Canada Centre. Apply as soon as possible after you cease working.

Eligible for parental and maternity benefits may be self-employed individuals who sign up for the EI program.

Registering your baby’s birthday

The province or territory where your baby was born issues the birth certificate. Apply as soon as your baby is born.

It’s never too late to apply for a Social Insurance Number for your child. You can save for your child’s education by getting a SIN.

If you are a Canadian citizen, permanent resident or a Canadian citizen and live in one of the provinces, the Newborn Registration Service can be used to register your child’s birth and apply for your Social Insurance Number. You can also apply for your child’s birth certificate in the provinces of British Columbia and Ontario.